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We are 2 Hoppy Runners who enjoy running socially and competively.  We love to meet people from all over, and celebrate with them at end of runs with a hoppy beverage. Do you enjoy an active lifestyle, love traveling, and enjoy sharing your accomplishments? Then we want to get to know YOU!


* An online SOCIAL running group where runners meet And share their journey! No Perfect Runners Allowed!

* Meet someone new! See other Hoppy Runner profiles and send them a message on their profile. Ask them to go for a run or meet up at a race.

* Create your profile with a fun Hoppy name.

* Race journal. Online database to record all of your races both past and upcoming.

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View what races other Hoppy Runners will be running.

* Host a group and have others join to set up runs and happy hours.

* Buy a Hoppy Runner shirt and represent us at a beer run. Post it on facebook (share with Hoppy Runner)

* Challenge yourself. Advance levels. The more races you run and log the more stout you become.

Ale Level - 1-4 Beer runs
Hefeweizen Level - 5 Beer runs
IPA Level - 10 Beer runs
Pale Ale Level - 15 Beer runs
Porter Level - 20 Beer runs
Stout Level - 25 Beer runs
Log 30 + runs and become Vice Squad status.


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